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Parenting Issues

Separation or divorce can leave you emotionally traumatised and vunerable

Separation can prove to be a traumatic time for all parties involved, particularly if children see parents struggle to resolve issues about with whom they should live and how much time they spend with each parent.

When making arrangements for children, there are many issues to consider:

  • Parenting arrangements
  • With whom the children will live
  • Who will care for them after school
  • How time will be divided between parents
  • With whom they will spend holidays

The ‘Best Interests’ of the Child
The rules governing the Family Court in respect of children require that the Court focus on the best interests of the children rather than the wishes of their parents.

Despite the best efforts of both parents, sometimes the only option is to go to Court.

The Family Court will accordingly determine what is in the best interests of the children and make orders.

Why Choose Hayes Gabriel Lawyers

Lawyers at Hayes Gabriel are experienced in dealing with parenting issues. We handle all cases with sensitivity and care, guiding our clients through what can be a particularly troubling time.

This area of law can be complex, so it is imperative you obtain legal advice. We will provide support, advice and representation to enable the best interests of your children to be achieved..

We are approachable, understanding and sympathetic to your needs, and will support you from the beginning of your dealings with us until the end.

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